Learn to write for your future today: Authentic, real- world writing from every field

How it works

Accelerated learning at its finest! You will produce expository writing mini-projects that allow you to learn communication (emails of all forms) needed for college, career, and life! Below is an email written by a high school student to a computer science professor in Texas. She wanted to learn more about eye movement biometrics for her project.

Simple and to-the-point writing!

Once you have the answers to your all-important questions, it is time to compose your mini-project. Don’t fret: our team of writing coaches will guide you.

After writing and editing are complete, your project will be published on 7Prodigy, Mastery Academics’ official scholastic research site exclusively for middle and high school researchers.

undefined Communication: Write expository texts based on the latest research in your future career of interest

Collaboration: Work with professionals accustomed to crafting email requests and final reports

undefinedAuthentic: Learn and engage in the conversations with scholars from the top research universities and professional organizations around the world!

Writing in the Workplace project concludes for another semester

More than Texas high school 60 students take the “write” extra steps to prepare for their careers in nursing, education, accounting, and forensics. Details on the way …


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