Medical Doctors, Scientists, and Engineers are More Than Researchers. They are Communicators.


“Good communication is essential to every STEM career.” — Steve Waddell

Communicating technical knowledge, not grades, is now the deciding factor between employment or unemployment.

Our suggestion to parents is this: encourage your student to get well at it NOW. Need help? Here is where Mastery Academics steps in. Founded by an engineering technical writer and editor, MA believes that students best learn writing and communication skills through subjects that interest them. Further, research shows students who control their learning feel self-confident in the ability to learn. We give students a reason to embrace a future in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field.

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Some of our past student have produced written projects in these areas:

  • The power of YouTubers
  • Baseball bats and their importance in game performance
  • Water and air contamination: What is the root cause?
  • Types of Anime artists
  • Functions of the best SmartPhones
  • Dwindling tuna population and consumer demand


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“When we imagine the future of learning, we often hear about STEM and STEAM and things like robotics or coding. But I’d argue that one of the most relevant subjects for developing a maker mindset is actually journalism.” — John Spencer

Beyond STEM and STEAM …

“Success in school and on the job requires a well-developed skill set, in addition to book smarts.” — Cary J. Green, Ph.D.