Prepare for Life after High School

Now enrolling for summer 2018 in Dallas! A must-have event for any student interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (aka STEM)!62e2e38e-53c1-4062-a294-22d40d18cc38

Who: Mastery Academics

What: Communication (written and verbal) in STEM fields

When: July 2018

Why: Students with strong academic backgrounds in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math deserve an avenue to apply and expand their knowledge outside of the classroom

How: For summer, meetings are planned for Haggard Library in Plano, Texas. During fall and spring months, we will meet online with limited seats for face-to-face coaching.





“Any student can know. The point is to understand.”

— Cool marquee message from our neighbors at Linear Automotive, 905 Avenue K, Plano, TX 75074