Right off the bat, MA is not in existence to speak ill of the education system (specifically62e2e38e-53c1-4062-a294-22d40d18cc38 teachers), standardized testing, or tutoring. We have read countless other academic coaching businesses write derogatory comments about these areas. The point is not to speak in a negative manner, but to do what you can, where you are, with what you got. Students want to do better. Our place in educating children is to pick up where teacher’s leave off. Take the teacher’s abilities and merge it with an off-campus learning for a rewarding experience students5038-a-beautiful-african-american-teen-girl-posing-by-a-lake-or will not forget.

Parents, did you know that a majority of what students learn is not in the classroom? We understand the role of parents too. If you desire to help your child but cannot find the best way to do this, feel free to contact us for a free consultation, 469-212-5587. We promise that our methods will bring out your child’s gifts, build confidence, and make fear a distance memory.


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