The Gulf of Mexico Alliance is pleased to announce that Clean Gulf Associates, Inc. is the newest member of the Gulf Star Program, a not-for-profit cooperative that provides expert support in the mitigation of marine incidents and protecting natural resources. Clean Gulf is joining the Alliance’s Gulf Star partnership to support the Alliance’s campaign, “Embrace the Gulf 2020,” to positively promote the value of the Gulf of Mexico to the region and our nation.

Vitality of the Gulf

The Gulf of Mexico provides food, jobs, energy, habitat, recreation, transportation, and navigation – playing an essential role in our communities, states, region, and nation. The Alliance conceived the “Embrace the Gulf 2020” campaign to highlight the vitality of the region. The campaign provides those who live, work, and play along the Gulf coast an opportunity to showcase all the region’s strengths.

“We are excited to conduct this positive campaign for the Gulf of Mexico,” Laura Bowie, Executive Director for the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, told 7Prodigy. “Our region is so much more than oil spills and hurricanes. We want to embrace and celebrate the value the Gulf provides to our lives.”

Physical Geography 101

The Gulf of Mexico is a partially enclosed sea that feeds into the Atlantic Ocean. The salt-water body border 5 of the 50 United States: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The gulf feed into the Atlantic Ocean and also borders Cuba and eastern Mexico. Consider the “Grand Canyon under the sea,” the body covers 600,000 mi2 and has tides of 2 feet or less. Oil and fishing industries are key economic components along the gulf.

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