Fear of English class is real for math and science students? It ends now.

Some who breeze through math and science breeze find English class nerve-wrecking. Mastery Academics has created products that will boost your self-confidence in writing while and network with individuals who talk and write about STEM fields.

Plan A: The Standard

Academic writing coaching online with Professor Whitaker. Each session in one hour. Perfect for timed writing found in SAT, ACT, state mandated testing preparation. Email

Plan B: The Expert

Need more from your STEM knowledge? How about taking it to an audience beyond the classroom. No formatted writing. No essays. Pure technical writing. This 6-week academy is for the student who seek a competitive edge in their college applications and/or their resumes.

Academy participants will develop videos, blogs, and articles that highlight a topic or issue in science, math, engineering, or technology. The end result is communication that showcases students’ abilities to:

  • Position themselves as a subject-level expert
  • Collaborate with business and scholarly communities
  • Target communication toward a specific audience (from friends and family to future employers)
*Plan C is online and open to 10 students per 6-week term. Registration begins Sept. 4. Email for more details.



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